Concept - MOLICO
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Sustainable & Efficient

The proven MOLICO concept is sustainable, economically efficient, and offers investors investment protection through:



  • Turnkey ready mobile hotel facilities
  • Medium-dated return on investment
  • Strategic location analysis
  • Short construction and lead times
  • Mobile lightweight construction (flexible locations)
  • Excellent pricing conditions via contractual partners
  • High confidence of capacity utilization due to an attractive pricing/performance ratio
  • Maintenance-free due to easy-to-clean facade
  • Disaster-proof (certified structural analysis)


The Concept also offers a wide range of applications for accommodations as:

  • Long-term projects (e.g. amusement parks, crisis regions)
  • Short-term projects (e.g. concerts or sport events)

Essential preconditions for managing a CUBE Lodges:

  • CUBE Lodges operating agreement
  • Developable plot
  • Building permit for a hotel complex
  • Internet connectivity (Wi-Fi) and electrical supply
  • Boarding house (central area for front office, restaurant/catering, sanitary fittings etc.) and barbecue area
  • Accommodation cubes/CUBE Lodges (standard, business, VIP)
  • Operating software for the reservation system

CUBEs to be ordered optionally:

  • Bar
  • Fitness area
  • Sauna
  • Children’s play area
  • Library
  • Place of prayer